Rules Queries Pt III – What can we use rules queries for ?

Ok – so in Rules Queries Pt I we looked at the basic idea of Rules Based Queries for Sitecore. I followed this up with Rules Queries Pt II and we looked at how we can get results from a Rule we have defined. In both of these examples – I was mainly covering the idea behind the solution. Lets take that a little further and have a little think about WHERE we can actually use this functionality in our Sitecore sites.

For those who dont know, you can find Rules Queries for Sitecore here on Github
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Rules Queries Pt II – Using Sitecore Rules Queries in Code

Ok, so – Cardinal Rules Queries has recently had a beta release, you can find it here. It allows you to leverage the power of the rules engine in Sitecore to build queries based on Lucene.Net, and if you choose – other search tools. Please see my initial post Sitecore Rules Queries Pt I for a bit more information.

Following on from this, I thought I would write a quick article on how you actually use it in code. Please note this is subject to change, but is correct at the time of posting.
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