Don’t Fight The Framework – Sitecore Presentation

So, continuing on the theme of the previous posts, in particular Don’t fight the framework part I I thought it would be a good idea to cover the presentation side of Sitecore in a little more depth, with a particular focus on how bad decisions can affect implementation in the future. I chose this topic because from day 1 (as an umbraco and e-commerce developer and beforehand) it has been my belief that one of the most important part of any system is the users (lets face it – fantastic architecture with a crumby user interface means its only the dev’s that use the software – did someone say Oracle).

I could probably write another 10 – 20 posts just on the subject of the presentation side of Sitecore, but I have tried to distil some of the key points for this series and in particular the common pitfalls and/or lack of knowledge that leads us to make bad decisions (as with all these sorts of posts – of course – I too have been guilty).
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Datasources beneath the context item

This is possibly gonna be the shortest blog post I will ever do, but possibly one of the most useful tit-bits I have found in the Sitecore CMS. Ever wanted to force a user to select a datasource that is relative to the item its being used on ? I have LOADS of times, and after a bit of digging I found this:

Simply setting the Datasource Location to ./ (and I believe any relative path) for your renderings / sublayouts allows just this!

Every day is a (Sitecore) school day !! πŸ˜€