Sitecore – Maintaining Sql Server indexes

In my previous post I talked about the impact of how Sitecore runs and the tradeoffs that has when using Sql Server. These aren’t bad points but they do mean you have to be able to peek under the hood to keep everything running as best as you can.

So now I’m going to share some of the procedures I use to help me maintain the databases I’m responsible for. Its worth noting that I’m no DBA. I’ve been using Sql Server for years and a combination of curiosity and my employers needing someone to step in and figure things out has motivated me to pick this topic up. I’m definitely standing on the shoulders of giants in this area but we all have to start somewhere.
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Using MongoDb to provide items as a Cache for Sitecore.

Ok, so I finally managed to get my MongoDB hat back on recently and first thing that struck me is that I forgot how much I love it as a product, the driver is easy to get to grips with, its a doddle to set up and hyper fast :D.

Below I have listed a starting point that I have been working on to serve the latest version of content from Mongo, in part this is to help out in the content editor (and in particular, that item.GetChildren() causes the default item provider to return the latest version from the database, but I expect to extend this to be able to serve all of the web content from such a provider.

This post at present is the basis of a working idea that I have been playing with, but I think with refinement (and certainly until Sitecore provide us a full blown MongoDB based version) it might have mileage to enable us to squeeze a little more performance out of our existing implementations.
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