Lucinq is an open source Lucene.Net centric helper library that allows the building of Lucene queries in a less verbose fashion. It also allows the use of raw lucene objects.

For use with Sitecore, I have developed specific extensions for Sitecore 6, 7 and Glass Sitecore Mapper.

Lucinq is available on Github. The Sitecore Extensions can also be found on Github

Key Features
Here are some key features of Lucinq:

  • Works with lucene 2.3, 2.9 and 3.
  • Can read Sitecore 7 Index Field attributes.
  • Works with Sitecore 7 default indexes.
  • Faster than Sitecore 7 search.
  • Can read Glass Mapper configuration.
  • Can return POCOs through Glass Mapper.
  • Easily extendable to return POCOS from any source.

This as a tool can be used on legacy implementations of Sitecore as well as 7 to allow fast searching using Lucene (The solr version is in progress at this time). This has the convenient benefit of allowing an upgrade path from 6.x to 7.x by changing nuget packages.

Tutorials & Documentation

Lucinq – Core

  • Getting started with Lucinq
  • Advanced querying
  • Building indexes

Lucinq – Sitecore Extensions

Lucinq also has some Glass Mapper additional extensions

  • Glass Extensions

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