Give Your Solution To The World Pt I – The parallels between single and multilanguage sites.

Ok, so I am sitting in the lobby of the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya for Sitecore Symposium, I guess I should be writing about my experience, my views on the fantastic marketing features and technical innovations that have been presented to us during the event. However I find myself equally struck by the ease in which developers, marketers and other staff have communicated at a large European event with so many different cultures and how welcoming it has all been.

It got me thinking about something I have had on the back burner for a while and it’s time I sorted it out. I will start with this statement; ‘It is my belief that in the majority of respects, building a great Sitecore solution is almost completely the same regardless of whether you are building for single language, or building for multiple languages’. There are also of course a few important differences but that will be outside of the scope of this post, let’s focus on the basics.

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Dont Fight The Framework – Sitecore strategies for multilingual sites

Something I’ve been involved with quite a lot is making multi-lingual sites work in Sitecore. Building a multi-lingual site touches on quite a lot of parts of Sitecore and really pushes your understanding. So lets start with the basics:

  • Items – versions and specific attention to shared, versioned and unversioned fields
  • Deciding whether to have separate trees per language or blend them together in one tree (or even a mix)
  • Translating content and whether you need to fall back to a language if a version in the current language isn’t available
  • Other niggles we’ll come to

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