Life Through a Lens – Unit Testing with Glass Controllers

Never let it be said that I like unit testing 😛

With the release of Glass Mapper 4.0.3 I am pleased to shout out that we have made some improvements to the unit testability of both GlassController & GlassUserControl. In addition we have also made some additional helper derivatives to make your awesome development lives even more awesome. You can find out more about the other improvements in the Glass Release Notes

In this post, I will cover some of these changes and show how you can now use GlassController in your unit tests effectively.

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Life Through A Lens: Automatically registering Glass Configuration Maps using a container

In Glass Mapper V4, we introduced an awesome feature for keeping your POCO objects isolated and allowing easier use of the fluent configuration API called Glass Mapper Configuration Maps. This post describes how you can auto-register all of the maps in a given assembly using your IoC container.

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