Sitecore 8 dialogs not working?

Recently I’ve seen Sitecore fail to load the JavaScript files for Speak and so break using the Sitecore desktop by failing to load dialogs in the content editor and in the control panel. This can happen in a couple of ways and the reasons behind it are pretty subtle. The issue I found for this post was that the SPEAK javascript files were not loading.

The SPEAK system relies on a set of config files in the App_Config/Include folder and client libraries inside the sitecore/shell folder. To ensure that the configuration is loaded correctly and the JavaScript files are returned, you need to check:

  1. ‘/App_Config/Include/.Sitecore.Speak.Important.Config’ – make sure this doesn’t have the hidden attribute set. If you need to, remove the ‘.’ prefix to force a refresh
  2. Double check that all the client assets also don’t have the hidden attribute set.

To test that everything is ok, visit the following URL: <Your_Host>/-/speak/v1/assets/main-1.2.js

You should see the require.js calls setup and loading the libraries necessary for the Sitecore desktop. In another post I’ll cover how you can turn on minification and etags!

Hope this saves you some time!


4 thoughts on “Sitecore 8 dialogs not working?

  1. I have investigated this more. It appears to be caused by a simple mismatch in file system types. If (like me for example) you work on a mac or store your files on a NAS or whatever based upon Linux / FreeBSD / Unix or whatever – ‘.’ it results in the file being hidden, since that’s how it works on those file systems. I am trying to find out whether it holds true for commits / checkouts for source control systems based on unix like technologies. (.gitignore for example). I think it is the case that you MUST unzip Sitecore only on a windows machine.

  2. Its worth noting that however the hidden attribute is set, if it gets set on any of the JS files the SPEAK system tries to load then they won’t be available either. Same if the system attribute ever gets set.

  3. This has been sort of fixed with Sitecore 8.1, Issue 57942:
    They renamed the file from .Siteroce… to 001.Sitecore… which is an easy fix and should be the most clean solution. You might want to update your post 🙂

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