Glass Mapper Updates

As Glass Mapper for Sitecore rolls over 17,500 downloads on nuget, I thought I would go for this one. I like to try and keep up with what Glass Mapper is doing, particularly on the Sitecore side. So here are a few of the key points / features that I have been introduced to recently.

Performance Enhancements
Glass Mapper on Sitecore has undergone some performance enhancements in recent versions (exact figures yet to be released). These definitely seem to offer a benefit on their predecessors and the metrics (when published) will be a welcome addition to allow better decisions to be made on the adoption of Glass Mapper. Needless to say, they are positive ;).

Delegate Mapping

A while back I published this article on Controlling glass fields from your own code. This allows you to delegate the mapping of values of your poco’s to code controlled within your own solution. This is great for mapping parts of your tree or calculated fields and I feel provides a really solid alternative to the proposed extension methods for interfaces as used to be the chosen way.

I am happy to say that Glass Mapper now contains this functionality natively.

Removal of WebActivator
This decision I believe was taken by the Glass developers to allow a standard registration across the different supported CMS’ Glass Mapper supports. This decision has now been reversed with the new version’s favouring the more Sitecore standard use of the initialise pipeline. This (in my humble opinion) is a good decision and one that I support since other CMS’s have their own preferred methods.

Official ‘Cast’ method
A short while ago I posted on Casting Items to objects in Glass Mapper. This has resulted in the introduction of not only a supported ‘Cast’ method from the Service / Context but also updates in the way that the GlassCast extension works under the hood

Consultancy and Training

Another major update on the Glass Mapper front is that the team have began to offer consultancy training (and I hope soon to be paid support) on their core product offering. I think this is a great step forward and one that I am fairly sure that I will recommend to clients going forward. Glass is a fantastic product and I am sure that I have still not learned its full potential.

Bug Fixes
As always, there are a few bug fixes here and there

Upcoming Improvements

If you haven’t upgraded yet, I would definitely recommend you do so!

What d’ya want?

Glass Mapper is an ever evolving product which has never ceased to prove it’s worth in projects I have been involved with.

I personally would still like to see the following:

I would also like to see incorporation of a few things I have seen in the community plus a few ideas of my own. What would you like to see in upcoming versions ? What would you like more information on?

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