Agnostic IoC De-branded

A quick morning post for any users of Agnostic IoC and anyone thinking about it.

If you have used it, you will have noticed that the binaries and namespaces referred to ‘Cardinal.IoC’. This was a decision made a long time ago, as the original idea for this project was to be part of a bigger ecosystem.

I took the decision well over a month ago that Agnostic IoC was to be de-branded and (due to large work commitments, house move and just life) I have finally managed to achieve this.

For existing users – this will mean that instead of ‘Cardinal.IoC’, it will now be ‘Agnostic.IoC’ at the start of the namespaces.

I think this is a great little utility library and hopefully it will continue to grow with you guys’ support.

Please do contact me with feedback, questions or general abuse 😀


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